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Born and Braised Personal Chef Services + Blog

Personal Chef Services

Born and Braised Personal Chef Services include...

  • menu planning

  • grocery shopping 

  • in-home meal preparation

  • clean up

  • kitchen organization 


A standard, chef created menu of rotating daily specials is provided, and custom menus to accommodate special requests can be provided free of charge. We can keep your kitchen clean and your refrigerator stocked with...

  • breakfasts 

  • lunches 

  • dinners 

  • snacks 

  • desserts 

  • baby food

  • and more!


Pricing is custom, very reasonable, and set up in a simple structure. Send us a message for details!


The Born and Braised Blog is a collection of recipes and stories published by a professional Chef. In this blog you will find clean, concise recipes and a brief description of each post. Blog posts are inspired by three themes:

  • ABC's of The Flavor Bible

    • The Flavor Bible​ written by Karen A. Page and Andrew Dornenburg is a guide used by many Chefs to find inspiration and spark creativity for new menu items and recipes. The Flavor Bible alphabetically lists ingredients followed by other foods and ingredients that complement their flavor profile. In the Born and Braised Blog, we will go through the cook letter by letter and publish a recipe and learn more about ingredients that we may have never cooked with before!

  • "Chopped" at Home

    • Have you ever had to make dinner with only a few mismatched ingredients? Us too! Chef Jen will take a few items that she has on hand and whip together a complete meal. ​We will also focus on how to make the most out of food and avoid waste as much as possible. 

  • Family Recipes

    • Chef Jen is lucky enough to have ​a box of recipes passed down to her from both of her Grandmothers. She will attempt to recreate famous recipes and make sense of hand written recipes that aren't particularly precise. 

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